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We are proud to introduce The Askari College Kharian and Contemporary Studies (ACECS), which was established in 2018 as the highest seat of higher, advance, intellectual learning that illuminates the human minds and broadens the vision bringing back home all kinds of opportunities and development. This College is one of Pakistan’s leading seats of advanced studies and research in various disciplines of business and economics, arts, and humanities, natural and social sciences, engineering and technology.

The Askari College Kharian and Contemporary Studies (ACECS)   is striving to achieve high standards of success through innovation, creativity, and forward-looking strategies.

The Askari College Kharian and Contemporary Studies (ACECS) designed curriculum and established modern laboratories to provide an opportunity to its students and faculty of experimental and experiential learning. This encouraged and enhanced conceptual learning and application. The modern laboratories serve as a modern gadget to access the virtual material for learning and research by students and faculty of the College.

For harmonious and all-round growth and development of students’ personalities and character building, sports and other co-curricular activities such as debates, speeches, dramas, art exhibitions and other healthy activities will organize regularly. The experience at a college for a student is not only driven by the excellence in academics and research but the entire experience of being involved in the projects that the university takes on, as well as the experiences that a student gains outside the classroom. We have extensive activities ranging from sports to cultural events, media and social events etc that keep you engaged and entertained across the year.

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ACK (Telecom) ACK (Computer) ACK (Electrical) ACK (Civil) ACK (Mechanical) ACK (Electronics)


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The College is big on vocational courses – the majority of which are accredited by the College of Kharian – and big on linking academic theory to modern workplace skills. It’s also big on you.

College for Creative Studies (CCS) is a private college, The college enrolls more than 1,400 students and focuses on arts education. The college is also active in offering art education to children through its Community Arts Partnerships program

Your choice of college or College will play an important part in shaping your career and fulfilling your ambitions.

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